sito UNESCO 94
Sede a Nadro frazione di Ceto, Valle Camonica (BS)

Located in Nadro hamlet of Ceto, Vallecamonica (BS)


The Rock art Nature Reserve of Ceto and Cimbergo Paspardo is located in the middle Valle Camonica at an elevation that goes from 360 to 1000 meters.
The complex of engraved rocks within the reserve is the most important and significant of
the entire valley for its iconographic variety and for the many different styles and timings in which the rocks have been engraved.
ZOOMThe paths set for the visits unfold in a natural forest of valuable importance, and allow you to spend a day, or only a few hours away from the noise of modern life.

Within the Reserve there are, in addition to petroglyphs, other characteristics that best help to understand the daily life of the Ancient Camuni.
One example of this are the rock shelters, temporary accomodations attended irregularly from the Mesolithic up to historical times; observing these simple natural ravines one can sense the vibes of the past when these woods used to be echoing of children cries and mothers calls.
The silence, broken only by the sound of the wind or of the birds, will be the companion of a
day outdoor, in touch with the mysterious world of the ancient Camuni through their
rock carvings, which have preserved their symbolic thoughts enclosed in archaic signs.

ZOOMFor nature lovers the thick chestnut forest that covers the slopes of the reserve is a anther point of interest because it enabled the development of a particular undergrowth, rich in berries and edible herbs.
The remains of huts and terraces of the historical period contribute to a better understanding of the
Camuni true value of the land and the forest, indispensable for the subsistence of the local populations.

ZOOMIn the didactic area we have reconstructed three types of housing of the ancient Camuni:
a rock shelter, the Neolithic house and the Rhaetian house-barn.
The reconstructions were possible thanks to what has been found during archaeological excavations carried out in Vallecamonica in recent years.
The area is equipped with covered space for picnics which can be used also to carry out workshop activities with schools or organized groups.
Some small areas have been equipped to allow rest and for picnic in the shade of the chestnut trees.

The entrance fee to the reserve is of 3.00 (children under 5 years free)
We remind you that, for the preservation of rock art, in the Reserve is prohibited to move outside of the marked trails, to climb or tamper with engraved surfaces and to collect the local flora.
Before acessing the reserve, it is advisable to a visit to the Didactic museum, where you will find what you need to read the engraved rocks, some reconstructions of tools and prehistoric scenes will also allow a better understanding of prehistoric life.
On request the Museum can provide an operator for a guided tour. To book a visit, or for informations please call 0364 433465 from 9.00 to 17.30 or visit our website: http://www.incisionirupetri.com